How we design engine wiring harness

When we started the design on the 1JZ-GTE | 2JZ-GTE Engine Harness, the list of improvements and reasons why kept stacking up. Here are the top 5 reasons why in no particular order. More will be highlighted throughout the descriptions below.

1) REPLACEMENT, FUNCTIONALITY, & RELIABILITY - These harnesses are old. At best they are 15 and at the worse they are 25 years old. That’s 15 to 25 years of crazy weather and crazier heat from the OE turbo engine. If you’ve looked at and felt your stock JZ harness and its connectors, you see how rigid they’ve become and if you’re lucky the connectors don’t disintegrate in your hand. If anything, a totally brand new revamped replacement for something vital you need to rely on should be high up on the to-do list. Luckily we make exactly that. We put build quality at #1, functionally and aesthetically. So what you get from us is a functional improvement. We GUARANTEE our harnesses to work properly. And we guarantee them to continue working for decades to come (given the proper care). If something arises 10 years from now, we still plan to be here for you to fix it.

2) SIMPLIFICATION – There is so much to be said about cleaning up a mess, minimizing clutter, and how much it helps your mental state when working with something. The OE harness is routed poorly, its thick, its heavy, full of unneeded functions…it is the opposite of the simple we try to create here. When we design our harnesses we completely reshape and tailor them to fit the engine perfectly, route in a stealthy or tucked way…all while still being easily accessed for install / uninstall. If there is a lower and upper harness we integrate them into one so ALL of your engine and trans harness is unified to one. When you start installing the harness, it’s the perfect length for everything so it clicks right into place. It’s much easier on the eyes and is less overwhelming to look at even months after you initially install it. Spartan minimalism, its our thing.

3) AESTHETICS – We LOVE great looking products with an artful design. And we love it more when it also has a major functional value to it. If you feel the same way then you’re reading the right page because this is exactly what we set out to create. Every single detail matters…even if 99% of people can’t see it. From how perfectly the wires bend to go through the intake manifold runners, how the sensor labels are positioned the right way, the perfect planned length of each adhesive heat-shrink over the engine harnesses fire resistant loom, the perfectly shrunk Raychem boot on the CA2 or CA3, the beautiful fit of the ECU and chassis connectors. We could just go on and on. Don’t just take our word for it, keep reading and we’ll show you close up photos so you can see for yourself.

4) UTILITY & EXPANSION - We remove anything you don’t truly need from the engine swap harness, whether it be 1 wire from the alternator or an entire set of connectors and functions. We did the heavy lifting to find out what is and what isn’t needed for a true enthusiast build to provide you with something simple and clutter free. We put standard and optional harness quick disconnects to make engine service easier or to open up the door for later changes and expansion. Not to mention being killer in the aesthetic department. We have the option to change your injectors, ignition, ECU, engine-to-chassis sub-harness, add a boost solenoid…and much more. More on this lower on the page.

5) ENGINE SWAP – You’re engine swapping this prized engine into a chassis it didn’t originally come in. This can often create DAYS upon DAYS of sifting through “diagrams” you found on the internet trying to reshape the harness and reconnect the chassis functions of this engine into your car of choice. This creates multiple change splices into an engine harness that’s already getting old and dated throughout, which introduces much more room for error. Refer to # 1.