Not sure if we’ve covered this yet, but set the bar for quality very high here. In the old days, core harnesses were sent in and modified. We don’t do that…what you’re getting here is a brand new engine harness put together with the best components we could find. The connectors we use are the same manufacturer that Toyota buys from. The same goes for weather, we use OE weather seals in the connectors and adhesive heat shrink to keep it water tight. Water is never an issue with our items.

We have 3 different stages / versions of our engine harnesses. Our CA1 and CA2 loom is something we’re VERY proud of. This stuff is fireproof, the wire beneath it will melt before the loom does…so you’ve got all the thermal protection you’ll need. We have some close up photos for aesthetic value below but to give a quick example, with our heat gun on full blast our competitors sleeving is about 3 seconds to roast, our former sleeving is 8 seconds to roast, and our new sleeving is 60+ seconds. That heat gun is blasting 1000º F. The wire beneath it, which is the highest heat resistant commercial grade wire we could find, melts before the sleeving. But it takes much longer to get there than a lesser grade sleeving type.

If you have something you want added, we may be able to work with it. Shoot us an email