Car Wiring Harness Technical Progress

The weight of the car has become a research hotspot has become a direction now studied. Wire harness as an integral part of the car assembly, the weight of the vehicle harness also accounts for about 5% of the weight of the vehicle. As the main component of the vehicle wiring harness - wire, Car Wiring Harness its selection and development trend of the harness light weight plays a decisive role.

Aluminum is now the main rival in the field of low-voltage conductors for high-voltage conductors and automobiles. Although aluminum is slightly inferior to copper in terms of conductivity and safety, Car Wiring Harness but with the rise in copper prices and the advancement of aluminum and advances in technology, Began to gradually use aluminum. Aluminum wire promotion is also a trend in the future development of automotive wire.

Regardless of the user and the cable manufacturer are "looking copper sigh", so always wanted to seek its alternatives. World wire and cable from the fifties three times has been proposed to aluminum on behalf of the copper program, such as the automotive industry investment funds to support the wire and cable industry engaged in aluminum research on copper, which in the past has never happened, indicating that copper prices The impact has been very large. Car Wiring Harness At present, the French automobile industry has begun to use aluminum core wire, the German automotive industry is also studying the use of aluminum wire conductor core, is the weight of the consideration, because the proportion of copper and aluminum density ratio: 3.29: 1, in the current copper wire harness main In the case of conductive carriers, if the aluminum wire can replace the copper wire, the weight of the vehicle wire will also be greatly reduced. But have to mention is that the conductivity ratio of copper and aluminum than: 1: 0.629, Car Wiring Harness aluminum in the conductivity is still weaker than copper. However, we can use part of the current French standard (NF) of the car copper clad aluminum magnesium wire to reduce the vehicle harness weight. Copper clad aluminum magnesium density of 4.00g / cm3, copper density of 8.89g / cm3, density ratio of about 1: 2.2, therefore, 1000kg copper clad aluminum-magnesium alloy line length will be equivalent to 2200kg copper length.

  The outer insulation layer of the wire harness is also continuously innovated so that the weight of the wire is reduced and the performance is improved. At home and abroad at the current line by line, there are thick leather line, shielded wire, coaxial line, high temperature crust line, Car Wiring Harness thin line and so on. According to the standard to the main standard (AVSS, etc.), GB (QVR), German standard (FLRY), American Standard, and other major series. Which German standard (FLRY) wire insulation thinner, good flexibility, the corresponding wire diameter of the same diameter is relatively light. We can use the original heavy-duty thick-skinned wire using the same standard requirements of the hard thin line, and can pass the same current, in some signal fidelity requirements of relatively high electronic equipment, electronic equipment suppliers usually require some excellent performance Shielding line to carry the signal transmission, the requirements are usually much more than the actual demand, Car Wiring Harness so from the price, cost to consider,Car Wiring Harness we can also use the same performance as the excellent wire replacement shield quality and the like, the price High wire, such as CAN bus, in the CAN bus physical layer definition inside, there are two kinds of wires can choose: shielded wire and twisted pair, if the CAN system, requires the use of shielded wire, Car Wiring Harness CAN bus involved in the whole car ECU, because of its The bus node branch is also more, the part of the shield wire caused by the weight is also obvious, but according to the actual situation, domestic and foreign development of the CAN system are 0.35 square twisted pair to carry the signal transmission, and can guarantee the signal transmission Fidelity.