ECU Connector Safety Devices

Excavator Quick Connector, also known as quick change connector,ECU Connector English translation Quick Coupler. Excavator quick couplers can be installed quickly on various configurations accessories, such as an excavator bucket, ECU Connector ripper, hammers, hydraulic shears, grasping wood, stone, etc. ECU Connector grasping, to expand the use of the excavator, and can save

To improve work efficiency.

(1) the use of high-strength materials, South Korea using 20M high-strength board, China using Q345B plate

(2) for 4-50 tonnage of various models;

(3) the use of hydraulic control check valve safety devices to ensure safety;

(4) Excavator configuration parts without modification, do not have to remove the pin can be replaced, ECU Connector so the installation is fast, can greatly improve work efficiency.

JT hydraulic quick-change connector is mainly by the cylinder action on the pin 1, ECU Connector 2 fixed and loose. In the case where the working parts to be replaced, the cylinder retracted, the hook-shaped compacts from position 1 to position 2, from quick couplers, switched to the other working parts, ECU Connector after good compact hook pin, and then open the cylinder , The hook-shaped briquettes are moved from the position of 2 to the position where the workpieces are locked. Of course, ECU Connector there are other external oil and solenoid valve at the same time work.

Wire connector is actually wire connectors, wire and we have seen many accidents occur, in part, using wire overload caused by another part of the connector is loose wire caused. Therefore, ECU Connector the wire connector is small, but in the circuit works plays an extremely important role.

1. Insulation material (shell): nylon 66 (anti-leakage current breakdown capacity, elasticity, rigidity, corrosion resistance, environmental protection does not contain halogen and formaldehyde. Temperature -35 ℃ -105 ℃).

2. Pressure spring material: steel (cold stamping (die mounted on a press for processing material) processing, high precision, burr-free, re-use can be maintained elasticity, ECU Connector tensile strength and corrosion resistance, increases resistance wire plug Wear capacity).

3. Contact material: thickened copper + tin (excellent conductivity, ECU Connector thermal conductivity, ductility, corrosion resistance, to prevent contact heat).

4. Contact plating: tin (anti-corrosion, easy to oxidation, good air tightness).