Isuzu Automobile Pedal Harness Assembly

Product Details

How is it made? How is our quality control done? Do you test your harnesses?

We test every single engine harness we ship pin to pin to ensure full continuity and all proper crimps or splices in between. This of course confirms everything is going in the right place as well as getting the optimal voltage levels throughout. Two individuals visually inspect every single connector pinout separately so you don’t have mis-pinned connectors. We run through every connector and every heat shrink to ensure everything matches the specs you give us and that nothing is left behind un-shrunk or unfinished. Once everything checks out we walk it back to the talented individual who built it for what we call final shrinks. We leave main portions of the harness un-shrunk in case changes have to be made after quality control. From there it’s off to be shipped to you!

What is included? What sensors are eliminated or added?

For this specific engine harness, here is everything that is included as a standard as well as what we eliminate from the harness:


ALT – Alternator

MAF - Mass Air Flow (only on USDM 2JZ-GTE and JDM VVTi engines)

ECT - Engine Coolant Temp for ECU

OIL-P - Oil Pressure Light

INJ - Injectors 1 thru 6

TPS - Throttle Position Sensor

IAT - Intake Air Temperature

CAM-2 - Cam Sensor 2

KNK-2 - Knock Sensor 2

GND - Engine Ground

RV - Reverse Light Switch




Progressive Power Steering (Retained on Supra chassis)


TRAC ECU (Supra)


As we said before, everything matters. Success is in the details. We take great pride in the look and fitment of our products. You won’t see anything on our products that doesn’t make sense and isn’t planned. If installed properly on the engine, you will get a perfect tailored fit. The ECU and Chassis section (inside the car) is very thought out and perfectly organized, even when most cannot see this detail. Each adhesive heat shrink is the perfect measurement, the same length and overlap throughout. And lastly, on our CA2 and CA3 harnesses we’ll work with you directly to find the perfect engine to firewall mounting length.





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